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Create for Good Contest

I am raising money for St. Jude, a wonderful charity with the mission to save children with cancer, to run a marathon!

For this reason, I am going to create an art contest so you can create for good!


  1. Create Art The theme for this month is Start. New Year, new you, right? Create whatever kind of art you want–photography, literature, painting, drawing, etc.
  2. Fundraising Contest Entry Please visit my fundraising page to donate a minimum entry fee of $5. Donations over this amount are greatly appreciated but not required. Then, please paste the link to your piece of art, wherever you have uploaded it, in the message field.
  3. View Your Entries / Other Entries I will post entries on on the Contest page once I process them.

Optional but Recommended 4. Share on social Helping other people find this will be very helpful in achieving my goal.

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Winners will be announced when there are more than 5 entries. That means this contest runs in rounds! Current entries: 0/5.

  • Feature on and in the form of a permanent post!
    • Value $30
    • Thanks to readers like you, our community is really active! So this feature is pretty lit.
  • Pride knowing that you helped save the lives of children by donating to a wonderful charity.
  • A sketch of your favorite animal!
  • If you would like to be a judge, currently just me, or donate a prize, please email me.

Current Entries

Here are the contest entries for this month’s St. Jude fundraiser:

  • could be yours!