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I created this site to help other artists as well as collect the knowledge I have gained in my own artistic journey. For reblogs and quick tips, I post pretty regularly at the tumblr that started it all.

I’ve been creating art since I was little, and I love exploring different mediums. My current favorites are mixed media traditional, digital, photography, design, and literature. I really love drawing animals, nature, and experimenting with emotions.

Outside of this site, I am a runner and college student passionate about science. I hope to enter the healthcare field and continue find out how biology and art intersect. This site also allows me to explore computer science on my own time, which is pretty exciting. Since all of these things make me hungry, I love to eat and drink coffee & tea.

Feel free to contact me on my social media platforms or email if you have any questions! I am happy to look at your art and help you with questions you might have. I also am open to collabs and guest writers!

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This project really helped me understand a lot about web design, development, and trouble shooting. After exploring many options, this site is proudly powered by Hugo, Netlify, and Forestry.

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As of August 2018, I removed google analytics for privacy reasons. As of July 2018, I have worked to reduce the presence Amazon Affiliates on this site. As of August 11 2019, I choose to provide ads with Intravert.co as they “… allow you to sell custom ad spaces on-site and monetize your community through privacy-preserving and ethical ad spaces.” instead of a network distributor.