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[Sponsored] Creality3D-10 3D Printer

1 min read

Creality3D CR-10 3D Printer This product is pretty neat, considering 3D printers are for creative people! Thank you to Koubo for purchasing this feature! Helps support our community! Interested in an fiverr art feature of your own? Read more here!
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[Guest Post] Wonderful Resources to Master Typography

4 min read

A Master List of Typography Resources What do you call the fonts dressing up for a fancy dress party? They’re called Types. These are the aesthetically pleasing version of text we usually see. Though fonts are the main source of textual communication, typefaces represent the way a message is communicated. There comes a time when a designer focused on types becomes so immersed that he sponges all the basics and techniques of types used in the design.
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Artist Interview with Totemworlds

3 min read

Hi, glad to have you! Please introduce yourself!

I’m Totemworlds, a multidisciplinary artist who loves making music and visual art and combining them to create awesome looking and sounding videos!