Master human anatomy today with these 13+ tips

Master human anatomy today with these 13+ tips | Art-Res

A collection of the most anatomy tutorials I created. Update: In the form of an anatomy ebook, I wrote a full anatomy masterpost, with great medical and artistic resources curated from around the web.

I wrote this as a way to collect all my favorite resources in a high quality and offline PDF. This ebook also helps me fund this site and pay development costs without Amazon affiliates. Thanks for checking it out!

Anatomy is really important to master. Learning how to to draw people involves understanding what is going on and why the different parts move like they do, and look like they do. It helps you be more flexible and imagine your own poses and positions if you know what lies underneath.

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  • I analyzed the proportions of the human body, and created a general diagram for the front and side views. I really think this one is most important ones to look at. I do not really like counting heads, so I try to go off of rough measurements since I draw randomly, and do not lay out 8 equal lines.

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  • A highly requested one, how to draw hands from an understanding anatomy approach.
Anatomy Quick Tips – Feet
  • In this tutorial, I give tips on how to draw feet, which are pretty tricky in my opinion.
Anatomy Quick Tips – Necks & Heads
  • This one was pretty highly requested and includes drawings that cover chins, jaws, necks, and heads.

  • This one covers facial landmarks

    Anatomy Quick Tips – Facial Landmarks

  • Side vide facial landmarks

  • Anatomy Quick Tips – Side View Facial Landmarks
  • Eyes

    Anatomy Quick Tips – Eyes

  • Ears

Anatomy Quick Tips – Ears

Notes & Measurements

  • Approximately : bottom of eye to the bottom of the chin = chin to collar bone
  • Do not flatten the back of the head, unless your character has a dent in their head.
  • It’s easier to draw these angles if you draw a cross that guides the eye line and then the flat vertical ( | )line of the face.

* I plan to upload a better version of this, but I think there’s a few useful tips in here.

* Looks at bone anatomy of the elbow, as well as general shapes.

Two older ones that need to be rescanned:

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