Learn how to draw dynamic poses with these 25+ anatomy tutorials

Learn how to draw dynamic poses with these 25+ anatomy tutorials | Art-Res
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Importance of learning figure drawing

Learning to how to draw emotional, dynamic poses is important for creating an image that holds the viewer’s attention. A solid anatomical foundation can help you with this task. If you have been wondering: what are some good resources to learn human figure drawing? I got you homie! Here are a few of the best anatomy tutorials focused on movement and poses that I could find, along with a guide for starting out.

A small guide on effective practice for figure drawing

I recommend sketching out a lot of quick poses every day to practice. This way, when you can’t think of something to draw, you can use one of your ideas instead of a stiff and boring pose. Gesture drawings require you to strip details and go for energy. Start w/ a line or s curve for the spine and find something dynamic to draw. Try to go pretty quickly, letting the meticulous details go and just you and your pencil/pen on the paper.

Stuck? Learn anatomy

First of all, I first recommend learning anatomy and range of motion so you can generate your own organic poses on the fly, but having inspiration certainly helps!

My best resource for learning artistic human anatomy would be the ebook I wrote on the topic. I also have created an anatomy framework & set of tutorialsto help you learn proportions.

Essential pose drawing tutorials

Anyways, onto tutorials for poses! Here is a great tutorial I recommend reading right now:

Warren Louw from ImagineFX

ImagineFX Pose Reference
ImagineFX Pose Reference

Also read:

And if you have more time:

Other Awesome resources & websites for pose inspiration and reference

These tools are great because they offer you excellent references, which is great for doing studies or are in need of inspiration.


Hopefully this helps you!

Got a pose sketch/drawing you’re especially proud of? Share it with me! (See social links at the bottom! Took off Disqus because it’s a little creepy privacy wise.)

Thanks for looking!