Quick Tips: Use Texture to Rapidly Imply Detail

Quick Tips: Use Texture to Rapidly Imply Detail | Art-Res

Why you should use textured brushes while painting!

Personally, I love using textured brushes in my work (think chalk, distressed, bristly brushes).

They allow you to imply a lot of detail at once, which not only saves you time but helps you not over render the whole image.

Works even better with color variations (traditional) or color jitter turned on (digital)

For ex:

This is a painting I did about a year and a half ago. I feel like it’s pretty cute, but not very defined because the brushes are too soft and not textured lol. This means some of the features aren’t as defined as they could be ad there isn’t that much edge control either. A lot of the fur appears smudged as well, and that’s not as realistic as it could be.

The second painting, done about a year later, is much better because of more textured brushes and attention to where I was placing the most detail. I still have some edges that are very soft, and that’s what I want because I do not want the entire painting to be the focal point.

Not only is the texture varied, but also a lot more color variation in the eyes and fur transitions. Color jitter turned on helps make the end painting look more lively and realistic.

I also have made free Procreate Fur Brushes for anyone who is interested!

Trying out new brushes is so fun, and I recommend trying out brushes from Kyle Webster, Greg Rutkowski, Mothmori, Devin Elle Kurtz, Shrimpu/Mari-Liis Kirsim├Ągi. These artists have brushes I regularly use.

Hope this helps! - Al

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