We offer sponsorships that are purchased in month-long time blocks (you can hold the spot for more than one month) to promote your service/products to our community. We limit it to one sponsor per month, although we have occasional outside sponsorships for guest writing.

The other ad space we have available is under all article content, a high traffic place.

You can email me for questions on rates & availability or click on the placeholders to book advertisements directly.

Note: we are dedicated to your privacy, which is why we use to provide ad space without an advertising network. “We allow you to sell custom ad spaces on-site and monetize your community through privacy-preserving and ethical ad spaces.”

The sponsorship (not the under article spot) includes these benefits:

Our audience revolves around art & creativity. Some lifestyle products/brands may fit if you can market it towards creative professionals. If your advertisement does not align with our ideals which include inclusivity & justice we may have to decline the sponsorship.

Art-Res would love to work with you to promote amazing things for our community.