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ideas are like lightbulbs

Made for those days when you can’t think of anything to create, this art idea generator has your back!

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Here’s an article I wrote on defeating artblock, which is something all artists face. The key to improving your art / writing is consistent, focused practice.

This was built by customizing and forking this pen on I will continue to add more variety and themes to this generator.

Clicking the button below generates 10 more random ideas. Right now, it will generate poses, shape challenges, characters both human and non human, and environments!

If you make something awesome with this idea generator, please share it with me! I would love to take a look at it and perhaps feature it! (Social media links are on the front page.)

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    Also check out the new visual reference board generator!

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    Current Version 1.07.


    • 2/9/19 Added in copy to clipboard beta edition
    • 1/6/19 Changed some wording and added new options for human characters.
    • 12/26/18 Fixed some of the strange spacing issues, added a few and exciting words to the databse!
    • 8/8/18 fixed the wording of human and environment generators while adding accessories and a few new clothing styles.