Artist Interview with Alexandra Stanciu

Artist Interview with Alexandra Stanciu | Art-Res

Be inspired by a talented artist– an interview with the lovely artist and law student from Romania, Alexandra Stanciu of trou•vaille graphics.

Introducing Alexandra Stanciu

Alexandra Stanciu works with watercolors and creates beautiful graphic designs that illustrate imagination and give the viewer a sense of wonder.

Each of her works comes with a story and a distinct, beautiful style.

She does both lovely original works and beautiful fan art, giving franchises a unique, aesthetic spin.

She can be found on instagram, facebook, and fiverr. Definitely go and support her there!

A beautiful piece that inspires you to be different!

Note: To read the stories and captions that accompany the pieces, click the image!


Hi! Thanks so much for taking the time to complete this interview. You rock! Please introduce yourself!

First of all, thank you so much for inviting me to do this interview. It means a lot that you thought of me :D. My name is Alexandra, I’m 22 years old and I live in Romania.

Winter is coming but sun is still melting my ice cream!

When did you start making art? What does art offer you?

I always had a passion for art, but officially I started 2 years ago. My fiancé filled the missing spots in my knowledge of art. And since then this is all I do. And I do it because it offers me freedom. From the world, from everything. It’s my safe place


Which piece or series are you most proud of and why? Is there a story behind it?

The space painting. I worked on that for no joke almost 4 weeks. It was the hardest one yet. The details, the car the astronaut. When I first did it I didn’t liked it, it has something that didn’t fit in there. But I didn’t know what and it took me a lot to figure it out what it was. My fiancé helped a lot. (He helps me with all of them because he knows how to make them to look so awesome on Instagram )


What would you say is your main source of inspiration?

My imagination. I always go deep in my imagination and just get lost. I love doing that and I see that when I do a painting based on my imagination 100% you guys love it the most.

Up in the sky we go!

What are your favorite artist tools? What does your workflow look like?

For tools I use my camera, a bamboo Waccom tablet and photoshop. And my workflow looks kinda like this: I take my camera and go out. I imagine something in my head and start taking pictures of what would help me achieve that. Then I go home and create in photoshop the image of what I have in mind. After that with my Waccom tablet and my brushes I sit down and start painting.

Superman Logo

What are some pieces of advice you can give your fellow artists?

Never give up. Even though everybody says you can’t do it and you are bad at it, just keep on pushing because you never know when you are almost at the finish line. Trust me, no one believed in mine at first, but the only thing you can do is just pushing and believing in yourself!

And even though you fail, is ok!! So, I truly say never give up!

I recently saw a camera when I was surfing the web and my mind started to fly away…

Anything else you would like to add?

I have big plans for my page, even though my shop failed. But I’m not giving up! So, stay tuned and turn on post notification! ;)

Thank you so much @kulturaart for giving me the opportunity to create this painting for you!

How exciting! Definitely stay tuned! Thank you for coming! :D

Be sure to go support Alexandra's s amazing work!

I definitely agree with the awesome advice to never give up. Be sure to keep that in mind as you create your work!

Also, if you are an artist interested in an interview, feel free to get in touch! (See my contact info!)