Boost your productivity with this free habit tracker

Boost your productivity with this free habit tracker | Art-Res

Since productivity and time management is important for artists, I made a printable to help my fellow artists with habit tracking.

I used a combination of Excel and the excellent Affinity Designer app to create this habit tracker printable. I was looking for something really minimal and clean and couldn’t find exactly what I was looking for, so I decided to make it. There is a margin at the side so it can be inserted into binders or stapled.

If you need a modification, let me know. It’s pretty easy to pull up the file.

Habit tracking is really useful in developing habits, which is essential for improving productivity.

Creative projects and careers require time management skills, and forming constructive habits is essential.

Personally, I am going to write down my daily morning routine on here, as well as daily goals like drinking more water, running, reading 30 pages, writing, drawing, and more.

I think seeing things on paper will help me out, and hopefully it helps you out as well!

Screenshot Preview

Download PDF

I made this printable free because I appreciate all the support! If you use it and like it, consider sharing it with your friends and commenting below what you’re trying to make a habit! If you have any other ideas for printables, let me know!