[Guest Post] Wonderful Resources to Master Typography

[Guest Post] Wonderful Resources to Master Typography | Art-Res

Here is a guest post outlining awesome resources to help you learn about typography.

A Master List of Typography Resources

What do you call the fonts dressing up for a fancy dress party? They’re called Types. These are the aesthetically pleasing version of text we usually see.

Though fonts are the main source of textual communication, typefaces represent the way a message is communicated.

There comes a time when a designer focused on types becomes so immersed that he sponges all the basics and techniques of types used in the design. As we keep interacting with them on a regular basis, types play a crucial role in fine-tuning the design’s user experience (UX). Keeping that in mind, it’s important to have the proper knowledge of typography if a smooth UX is to be delivered.

How Typography Contributes To Design?

Unless you’re developing a shapes-only design, typography is the meat and potatoes of your web and print design. It changes the paradigm via which we view fonts. Types affect the way you think and perceive the design. If you’re using it for a website project, you must know that different types demand different responses from your users. In fact, it improves your website’s usability, simultaneously marking a fine impression of your skills.

Now that typography is integrated deep into the design, it’s always best to confer resources to polish your typography skills and knowledge. For your ease and convenience, we’ve collected the following resources you can use. Don’t forget to check them out and release that tension created by jumbled fonts dancing around your head.

Typography Resources

  • The 10 Commandments of Typography by DesignMantic Logo maker – This infographic displays the 10 cardinal rules of typography upon which the world of types stands. If you know how fonts work, this visual representation is your key takeaway for understanding fonts, and ultimately, avoid the typography hassles beforehand.
  • Typography Cheatsheet – If you’re keen on learning about typography, it isn’t always the alphanumeric features that are the main focus. This practical guide allows you to make use of other characters in type, such as quotes, apostrophes, dashes, hyphens, and, accents and so on with extra detail!
  • Typekit Practice by Adobe – A comprehensive compendium backed with several lessons for beginners and professionals alike. This website is an Adobe project developed to help you learn anything within the typography context. It also helps you adapt and sharpen the skills mendatory for anyone practicing typography in design.
  • 10 Nifty Kerning Tips To Boost Typography – If you happen to have a trouble with kerning, this infographic covers all the factors necessary for perfect spacing between your type characters. This presentation is brimming with spectacular colors and is ready to fulfill your typography senses.

Fontology deals with the study of fonts and types. It has been curated for designers of all levels and permits the users to seek knowledge and information that is needed to master the art of typography. In case you’re wondering, this guide is constructed around proven practices to bring out the graphic communicator in you.

  • Encyclopedia of Typefaces – Without a doubt, this is the ultimate source for anyone learning about every type that has existed from the beginning. From historical to modern print and web typefaces, it contains over 2000 types to let you explore each dimension of various types to observe the aesthetics these add to a design.

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Apart from the resources mentioned above, you can scour the internet to discover unlimited guides, websites, blogs, worksheets, and infographics to learn everything about fonts and types. Hope these resources will prove beneficial in educating you.

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Author: Mark Miller

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