Awesome tools to help you master filmmaking: a masterpost

Awesome tools to help you master filmmaking: a masterpost | Art-Res
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Learn how to be a filmmaker and make better movies with these resources and resources for the aspiring filmmaker.

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Camera/ Audio Suggestions & Reviews

  • Your mobile phone probably has a great camera. It’s honestly a great place to start, as it forces you to walk around to get good angles, learn how to expose and compose.
    • You can even get some intense film making accessories for your mobile phone.
  • For the best compact $ can buy, Sony RX100 Mark I-IV have great reviews. I currently have the Mark I and love it.
  • Equipment for low budget filmmaking - recommendations for basically all types of film making gear. Great site!
  • Cameras: Canon DSLRs, Sony, & Panasonic are especially great for filmmakers. I would look up reviews and choose based on the features you want.
  • Audio is a must have. You can use ones that plug directly into the camera w/ a sound muffler, or external mics.
  • Sound is important, good reviews on:
  • After researching, I currently have this (Zoom H1). Not a direct plug in for my camera, but it’s great since I can use it for other things.
  • If you have a few thousand, go get a RED. Not well versed in the uber expensive, but if anyone wants a $$$$ camera guide curation, I can make that in the future.

Communities & Inspiration

Resource Sites

Software for Filmmakers – Video Editing Software

Free Software [w-windows, m-mac, l-linux ]

$ Pro Software

I hope this helped! Thanks for reading!