Artist Interview with Danvici Art

Artist Interview with Danvici Art | Art-Res

An artist interview with the amazing and inspirational freelance concept artist and illustrator from Vietnam, Danh Nguyen.

Introducing Danh Nguyen

Danh Nguyen, or online as Danvici Art, is an amazing freelance artist that specializes in illustrations, painting, and concept art. His style is wonderful, as he pays careful attention to detail, lighting, and values. He has a solid foundation in anatomy and his imagination shines through his illustrations and characters with his beautiful style.

From his artist portfolio, he describes himself as a “always want[ing] to offer the best quality… [has] worked with Shadow Era, Hex Entertainment, Pox Nora, and many other game companies… [has] good communication skills to keep in touch with clients to ensure that the project designs match their needs.”

If you are in need of a talented and dedicated artist, Danh is your guy!

Support Danh! Follow him on social media: artstation, instagram, reddit, and DeviantArt. He also has an amazing art portfolio site!

Just one of the amazing works by Danvici Art/ Danh Nguyen. This one is from his DeviantArt!


Hi! Thanks so much for taking the time to complete this interview. You rock! Please introduce yourself!

I’m a Vietnamese artist, I love art, game, philosophy, Buddhism, Zen, and I’m Christian too :))

When did you start making art? What does art offer you?

I have drawn for a long time, but I really began at December 2012. :D

Which piece or series are you most proud of and why? Is there a story behind it?

I uploaded a piece, named Painful to death, but I broke the 3rd rule of Reddit, and I will reupload it the next time :D I like it because the meaning of it, and this piece has me win a small contest too LOL

Removed by Reddit, but too amazing not to find. Here's Painful to death by Danvici Art / Danh

What would you say is your main source of inspiration?

Actually, I’m inspired by many many things in life. But what I want to aim for is to make something meaningful, something that gives a message or a feeling… And I’m doing one now, and I think this will be a big step in my work now. Wait for it ! :D

Danh’s going to upload his favorite works soon, be sure to follow him on his social media!

What are your favorite artist tools? What does your workflow look like?

I like Paintstorm, but it still not complete and stable as Photoshop, so I still use Photoshop most of the time. I used to start in BW before coloring for a long time. Now, I go to color directly. I now like to start from a sketch line art, and then going to render. But depending on the work, I can change my workflow, which is very good. :D

What are some pieces of advice you can give your fellow artists?

Advice– my only advice is just working hard. Everything will come when you are working hard; maybe not today, not tomorrow, but one day. Or you just are not trying enough. Not talent, not skill, not tools, not inspiration… the diligence is the most important thing you need. So, just draw ! :D

Thanks, Danh! You are an amazing inspiration.

Thanks for reading this interview! I encourage you to follow Danh’s advice today and just go out and create good art! Be sure to go follow and support him on his social media, he is an inspirational person that will greatly enhance your social feeds.

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