January Art Challenge

January Art Challenge | Art-Res

Happy January everyone! Here are a few art challenges to get you started in the New Year.

The first five I generated from my idea generator. I definitely cleaned up the formatting a bit haha.


This person is a male teenager that has an elongated, average build. He has a dark complexion with a warm undertone and has eyes that are shimmering indigo and short in size. The person has medium length hair that is dry and straight with rainbow, dyedhighlights. His face shape is rectangular and his facial features can be described as soft and short. Personality is sedentary and sometimes mysterious, yet often pathological. The character enjoys wearing floral clothes and accessorizing with boots. Perfers the following colors: extremely light indigo and extremely light copper.


The character is laying down in a slightly stiff manner. The back is very bent, the neck is in a mostly staight position, with the head tilted downwards. Relatively, the arms are slightly bent and the legs are neutral.


The avian character has a giant and toned body type with coloration that features extremely light, redish violet and medium dark black. Has very long 2 limbs, a very short neck, and a very short, bumpy body. Other notable features include rough stripes, multiple limbs, and a beak and heart shaped markings.


Start with an extremely light, greasy looking pyramid that is elongated. This shape is viewed at an eye level angle and from a 2 point perspective. Now add a shiny small sized, scupted, ellipse above and to the left the first shape.

  1. [Optional color:translucent yellow]


The environment, viewed at an ¾ angle and from a 2 point perspective has an cloudy atmosphere. There is a lot plant life, no fauna, and a little humans. Notable features include valley, lake, long grass, a volcano, and gravel. The foreground is mainly dominated by medium light violet and shiny gold, while dull gold can be seen in the midground, and irridescent blue can be seen in the background. Some aspects of the environment seem to look like dry stars.

6. Color Palette Challenge

Generated with Adobe Kuler

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