219 ideas of awesome things to draw in 2019

219 ideas of awesome things to draw in 2019 | Art-Res

Looking for great things to draw? I got you covered with 219 ideas of things to draw in 2019. Diversify your portfolio and sketches, and get outside of your comfort zone! I tag you all in this drawing challenge / idea list!

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Lightbulb moment –things to draw!

This list will contain both specific and broad things to draw. Some of these are silly, others are longer, and I even included challenges that require you to look things up. Some terms will be vague and require your interpretation. Hopefully, with these drawing prompts, you will have some good ideas when you are facing artist’s block.

Good luck and let’s get excited!

I also have other tools to help you generate drawing ideas: * [Visual Reference Board Generator)(https://artres.xyz/references) * [Idea Generator](https://artres.xyz/ideas)
  1. draw something that inspires you every single day
  2. draw something that gets you heated or angry!
  3. hop over to change.org and see if you can make a difference. Draw something that relates to a campaign on there.
  4. draw a sick pair of shoes you’d wear if you could get Nike to make them for you
  5. draw a pumpkin
  6. redraw something you did last year and make it better! Do a sidebyside comparison and share it! The draw this again meme is one of my favorite challenges
  7. draw a plump pumpkin lol
  8. draw a bat, and watch this freaking adorable video on rescued baby bat burritos
  9. draw a bat playing baseball, at bat
  10. draw the craziest building you can imagine
  11. draw a cool environment you would want to live in
  12. draw a cool environment you would not want to live in
  13. draw the cutest thing you can
  14. draw 18 circles, find something within those circles, and draw that.
  15. draw a triangle, and then design a character
  16. draw a dinosaur! Need ideas? Bronchiosaurus, T-Rex, pterosaur, velociraptor, triceratops
  17. draw 18 eyes, vary style and appearance
  18. draw an elephant, research an article about tusks and elephants, and then submit to Project 1324
  19. draw a panda and then tag the World Wildlife Fund
  20. draw you favorite things on this earth
  21. paint or photograph fireworks
  22. draw or paint fire, try to learn how to draw flames
  23. draw fall leaves along with your favorite things in the fall
  24. draw a ghost, as friendly or evil as you want
  25. draw your favorite emoji in your own unique style
  26. draw lions in the wild
  27. draw quick! sketch 18 things, with 18 seconds per sketch. Anything that comes to mind. Doing this exercise over and over again over time will definitely help you improve your drawing speed.
  28. draw spider webs and then put a word in there of something that should stick in 2017.
  29. draw a t shirt design of something you would wear
  30. draw with friends online and see what you guys can come up with together.
  31. draw an x ray of something weird
  32. draw something 3d
  33. draw what comes to mind for the word rush
  34. draw what comes to mind for the word art block
  35. draw what you think art deco means
  36. try to draw something with glass in front of it. This is a challenge in light and shadow and translucency.
  37. draw what comes to mind for the phrase art of war
  38. draw something that you would want in an art poster
  39. draw fanart for something you love! Here are some examples of great fan art.
  40. draw what inspires you
  41. draw what makes you sad
  42. draw the ugliest thing you possibly can
  43. draw something hilarious and make a meme out of it
  44. draw your favorite meme character / person
  45. draw something that comes out of a random word generator. word generator.
  46. draw something that comes out of a random sentence generator
  47. draw “The river stole the gods.” came from above lol
  48. draw something pointy or edgy
  49. draw something graceful, in motion.
  50. draw hands in different positions
  51. draw some people in some random, dynamic poses
  52. draw 18 recentangles and generate some beautiful color palettes
  53. draw an OC (original character)
  54. draw a friend’s OC
  55. draw a cute snail
  56. draw something that ties in with every emotion
  57. draw something beautiful that happens in the morning
  58. draw something that brings about mental health awareness
  59. draw something political in nature
  60. draw the logo of your favorite sports team
  61. draw the flag of your country
  62. now, look up the flag of another country and draw that as well.
  63. for that country, look up the time zone. Draw something that relates to what you would be doing at that time of day
  64. draw a random design, whatever you feel best defines random
  65. draw something cold
  66. draw something delicious!
  67. draw something tiny
  68. draw something huge
  69. draw 4 shapes and see if you can make a character out of it
  70. draw 18 feet
  71. draw a fork, a spoon, and a knife
  72. take out your phone camera, take a picture, and draw something interesting you noticed.
  73. draw something that reminds you of speed
  74. start finishing a drawing that you started but did not get to finish yet
  75. draw something that has a lot of different patterns on it
  76. draw linework so that it can be used as a coloring book page. Hand it out to a few different people you know, or post it online so others can color it!
  77. draw a spool of thread that is unwinding
  78. draw something that you find beautiful in nature
  79. if you love science, draw your favorite element and juxapose it next to its periodic table of elements symbol.
  80. draw something that is fuzzy
  81. draw food with interesting textures, like popcorn or some lovely ice-cream
  82. draw an album cover for your favorite band or song.
  83. draw 18 boxes and vary the style
  84. draw a few fun hairstyles
  85. draw clouds
  86. draw something weird on ebay that you have never seen before
  87. draw something hopeful
  88. draw a car, which can be hard, but challenges are great!
  89. draw a bike from memory
  90. now find a picture of a bike and draw it from reference. Compare to above!
  91. draw something shiny
  92. draw something to do with audio
  93. draw something inspired by the last song you listened to
  94. draw a character from a favorite movie
  95. look up a quote somewhere. illustrate it!
  96. draw some lightbulbs - they are pretty aesthetic
  97. draw something that you can teach someone else
  98. create a tutorial of the thing above, with a few examples. lots of drawing practice for you! :D
  99. draw a castle
  100. draw a butterfly in a jar
  101. draw a mountain
  102. draw a birds eye view of your favorite place
  103. draw the moon
  104. draw a planet that is not earth lol
  105. draw a pretty interior
  106. draw something retro
  107. draw a hand with a pretty henna design
  108. draw what reminds you of love
  109. draw a person experiencing nature
  110. draw a high action sports scene
  111. draw or paint an ocean
  112. draw something you value highly
  113. draw a cute fox
  114. draw a strawberry. Lots of good texture practice
  115. draw a jellyfish
  116. draw a cool texture
  117. draw something new
  118. draw something old
  119. draw something abstract af
  120. draw a pineapple
  121. draw a toad
  122. draw a picture of your favorite beverage
  123. draw a picture of a random world monument
  124. draw a cute penguin
  125. draw a desert
  126. draw a jungle
  127. draw a staircase
  128. draw one of your recent dreams
  129. draw something that describes team work
  130. draw something that reminds you of your family
  131. draw and design a character that doesn’t look like you
  132. draw a self portrait
  133. draw something sparse
  134. draw a busy scene
  135. draw something that calms you
  136. draw a hedgehog
  137. draw a nose
  138. draw lips
  139. draw an ear
  140. draw a random bone from the body and learn its name
  141. draw a random muscle
  142. draw a fancy outfit you would wear
  143. draw something that reminds you of luck
  144. draw a tasty breakfast
  145. look up a local food pantry and see if you can donate some money.
  146. draw something for spring
  147. draw something for summer
  148. draw something for fall again
  149. draw something for winter
  150. draw a cube, in the most realistic and 3d way you can
  151. draw what you are most thankful for
  152. visualize your goals and draw a symbol that represents them
  153. draw a logo of a company you imagine
  154. draw a book character
  155. pick up a newspaper. Draw something based off the headline
  156. illustrate why water is important
  157. draw something with a lot of curves
  158. look up a tutorial and draw something you find hard to draw
  159. draw your tools that you use to draw lol
  160. go outside and sketch wathever you see
  161. draw your mood
  162. draw the weather
  163. draw your favorite person
  164. draw a hero
  165. draw a villian
  166. draw your favorite hoe
  167. draw a fluffy sheep
  168. draw slime or viscious liquid
  169. draw something that reminds you of the past
  170. draw something that you wish to achieve in the future
  171. draw something that represents the present
  172. draw something that is in the floor
  173. draw a plane
  174. draw something with only straight lines
  175. draw a blind countour study, which is where you practice your ability to really see
  176. draw an outline
  177. draw a silhouette
  178. draw your favorite quote in fancy letters
  179. draw a shaded sphere
  180. try out a new medium, draw with something you haven’t drawn with before
  181. draw the process of something changing
  182. for example, draw a caterpillar that turns into a pupa and then a butterfly
  183. draw smoke or something wispy
  184. draw a water droplet in as much realistic detail as possible
  185. draw something very stylized
  186. draw a frozen lake
  187. draw something with weird, wild proportions
  188. draw a punny creature (like a catfish that is actually a cat. done before, but you try it!)
  189. draw a house you would love to live in
  190. draw something that is not well known
  191. draw a pop culture figure that you admire
  192. draw a bananna
  193. draw something that you think will inspire someone else
  194. draw something or someone that highly influenced you
  195. draw an apple, sliced, which is a bit more unique than your typical picture
  196. draw a pair of shoelaces, hanging from somewhere.
  197. crumple up a sheet of paper and draw it
  198. draw your own constellation and name it
  199. draw your own
  200. draw a rose
  201. draw a turtle
  202. draw a dog
  203. draw a cat
  204. draw a tea cup
  205. draw a free tree next to a draw a not free tree
  206. draw a flower that has wild flower petal designs
  207. draw batman!
  208. draw the joker!
  209. draw a bird
  210. draw and color something red
  211. draw and color something orange
  212. draw and color something yellow
  213. draw and color something green
  214. draw and color something blue
  215. draw and color something indigo
  216. draw and color something violet
  217. cut out random things from a magazine, assemble them into a collage, now draw the combined thing and make it a bit more seamless and see if you get something awesome
  218. draw 219 of one random object! Hard, but effective!
  219. draw something energizing.

Whew! That was a lot of random drawing ideas. I hope some of those drawing prompts were interesting to you. Let me know if you do draw a few of those! I encourage you to share this with your friends, and challenge them to do this. I will feature artists that participate in this challenge. Just email me with the # and a link to your image, and maybe also a social media link you would like me to share.

Have a great day!