Artist Interview with Jalai Lama

Artist Interview with Jalai Lama | Art-Res

Learn about the lovely digital artist, Jalai Lama, with this interview!

Introducing the Jalai Lama

“A student of life and the arts, Jalai Lama is on a quest to inspire change on an individual, global and Universal scale. His passion for the arts is born out of a deep Love for humanity, and each artwork embodies a reflection of his reverence for all of Creation. Similar to the Dalai Lama, he also believes that compassion and sharing in happiness is the purpose of Life and that elimination of karma comes through spreading love, joy, inspiration and unity consciousness” (

When did you start making art?

I started to really gravitate towards the arts around the age of 10. I was super intrigued by graffiti art and how creative it was. My creative talents were recognized from an early age after winning a drawing contest in 2nd grade. It was a forward facing portrait of a timber wolf and I remember spending hours upon hours on it.

Can you describe your workflow in creating art?

My creative process is continually evolving as I believe one can never plateau with sacred art, for each visionary manifestation is a magical reflection of our own divine evolutionary progression. Surrendering to the stillness and beauty of each moment gives me all the inspiration I could ever hope for.

Photography is yet another way I love to convey and express my passion. Capturing timeless photographs inspires me greatly. The inspirational qualities within these timeless photographs inspire me to work with the inherent beauty until something magical is born. Sometimes photographic elements can be composed into a masterful visual display of artistry and sometimes a single photograph can capture the magic with no alteration at all.

Artworks can develop in as short as a few days to as long as several years as it really just depends on the natural evolution of the piece. I believe in allowing each piece to naturally unfold and reveal itself until it feels magical and full of life. Digital art opens up a whole new world of possibilities for me and I intend on gaining insight into everything it has to offer.

What is your main source of inspiration?

I draw most of my inspiration from nature and the beauty of creation. Many of my artworks are infused with the elements of nature. Capturing the beauty of nature with my camera gives me all the ideas I need for the creation of my next piece.

What does art offer you?

I feel the most free when I am creating art as I am in a place of surrender and infinite gratitude. Infusing these beautiful states of being into my creations gives birth to something magical.

How does your artwork benefit or affect others?

The intention behind my artwork is to inspire, heal and foster the infinite creative potential we all possess. If my artworks can tap into that deep inner wisdom and unlock visionary insights, new doors are sure to open. Providing the support and creating the space for others to heal mentally, physically and spiritually is what it’s all about. When I hear that people feel inspired or deeply moved in some way, I am uplifted more than words can say.

Do you have a dedicated space for the creation of your visionary artworks?

Having my own creative space to heal, grow and transform has been instrumental in my success. For the last 2 years, I have been building an art gallery inside my Atlanta home and it is pretty awesome to see the transformations taking place. My gallery is unique in that it caters to a more personal and intimate viewing experience.

What are your favorite artist tools?

I have been using Photoshop to create my artworks for 15 + years and I am still learning new things within the program every day. Even when I draw something by hand, I scan them in for the creative possibilities that exist with the digital realm. I love to think outside the box and challenge myself to break boundaries. Just knowing that no real limitations exist in the creation of art is incredibly fascinating.

Thanks for reading!