Interview with R.R. Noall from From Whispers to Roars

Interview with R.R. Noall from From Whispers to Roars | Art-Res

Learn more about the art magazine From Whispers to Roars from R.R. Noall, which is currently looking for submissions!


Hi, glad to have you! Please introduce yourself!

My name is R.R.Noall, and I’m the founder and Editor-in-Chief of art and literary magazine called From Whispers To Roars.

As a published writer myself, I’ve found that creating can be a very isolating process. Unless you’re a part of a very creative community, creating can be exhausting when done alone. This magazine aims to provide resources for artists, a forum to provide feedback, as well as publishing opportunities. In our 2 months of existence, our magazine is already thriving and creating connections between creatives all over the world.

Could you possibly talk about the process of creating & your vision for the magazine?

From Whispers To Roars has been founded on one simple idea - that all writers and artists, be them novices or veterans, can create art that roars.

Roar (v.): -To utter or emit a long prolonged sound -To sing or shout with full force

Maybe your roars have been hidden in a journal, tucked away and long forgotten. Perhaps they’ve been stacking up slowly in your mind, nudging you to put them in ink. They could even be the things you’ve written that scare you.

We want to read them all.

Maybe your roars are hidden in a folder, a place you only look because you long to share what you’ve created. Captured by the simple click of a camera or a sketch, you’re sheltered these nostalgic moments, waiting for the right time to share them.

We want to see them all.

When are you accepting submissions?

Until March 15th, we are accepting submissions to our 1st publication. We consider poetry, fiction, nonfiction, photography & artwork.

You can learn more here: