Learn Art Today with 25+ of the Most Helpful Art Youtubers

Learn Art Today with 25+ of the Most Helpful Art Youtubers | Art-Res
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YouTube is a great way to learn and improve your artistic abilities and skills for free.

While on your search for the best art tutorials on youtube, here are some of my personal recommendations!


One of my personal favorites! His anatomy tutorials are stellar.

“When you watch Proko tutorials you’ll notice that I try to make them entertaining while keeping them educational. I feel that if you’re having fun and enjoying the learning process, you learn better. You retain more information, you pay more attention, you’re much more likely to continue learning and more likely to go back and re-watch tutorials. And it will leave you more inspired and motivated to go practice.”


I love Sycra! He has great videos on how to find your style and simplify anatomy.

Art videos that inspire, instruct, and entertain… New videos every Wednesday!

FAQ: Q. What program do you use to paint and draw in?

A. I am currently using Adobe Photoshop CS6

Q. What tablet do you use?

A. I’m currently using a Wacom Cintiq 22HD

Q. What program do you use to record your screen?

A. Camtasia Studio

Q. What brushes do you use? Where can I get your brushes?

A. It really depends… But you can find a lot of brushes I use in the ‘Resources’ section on my site www.sycra.net

Q. Can you recommend any good books?

A. Yes, again, my recommendations can be found in the ‘Resources’ section on my site www.sycra.net

Ross Draws

A fun and very successful youtube with a lot of personal vlog type videos but also includes quality tutorials/courses.

draw and make videos! Come be weird with me :)

Lachri Fine Art

Painting & drawing tips, tricks, demonstrations & advice for artists from a full-time professional artist. I’m here to help your art grow whether you’re a beginning or advanced artist, hobbyist or professional. After 16 years of teaching my own art classes, I’m bringing my experience to you here on youtube! While I’ve been obsessed with art my entire life, I’ve been a professional, full time artist since 2001.

Xia Taptara

Very nice videos on concept art and digital painting.

Drawing and digital painting video tutorials. Live stream drawing and painting randomly for now PST (Pacific Standard Time). Professional artists interview session once or twice a month. My goal is to provide good quality online art video tutorials for everyone to watch and learn online anytime and any place. ABOUT ME: Currently an art director for feature films and animations at the Monk Studio. Formerly a character concept artist for ArenaNet/NCsoft (GuildWars & Guildwars 2). I also worked on various projects for Square-Enix, Blizzard, Game of Thrones, Paizo Publishing, Fantasy Fight Games, Disney Interactive, and many publishers and clients. I used 3B pencil and sketchbooks (9x12 and 11 x14) for traditional drawing. I used Wacom tablet Intuo 4 medium/large and Photoshop CS3,5 for my digital painting. Learn how to draw and paint with video tutorials and step by step from profession concept artist Xia Taptara (黃曉聲 Huang XiaoShēng).

Ahmed Aldoori

Lots of walkthroughs as well as quality art theory videos. I am a big fan of the way he blends color!

tweet - @ahmedaldoori

Bobby Chiu

Another personal favorite, as he is an amazing digital artist and teacher. Has a lot of videos on theory, technique, and more.

Interviews, vblogging, demos… anything and everything that’s helpful for any artist

One of the dopest concept art youtubers, really good art theory videos.

Concept Cookie’s mission is to provide concept artists with tutorials, resources, references, feedback, and insight to help them grow as an artist. Each week we have a livestream on Wednesday at 2PM, along with a new exercise every two weeks to help further your skill development.


I love their magazine and books, and they have a lot of useful walkthroughs.

We’re the best digital art magazine in the universe! Fantasy & sci-fi art, digital and traditional drawing skills, game design, manga & film art too.

Cesar Santos

Good mix of vlogs, tutorials, and how to work art as a business!

WHAT - Art, art and art! Intellectual and Philosophical platform to advance artistic subjects.

WHO - I am Cesar Santos, Cuban-american contemporary artist.

WHERE - Here and there, based in Miami.

WHEN - Always.

WHY - To challenge the standards by bringing out the best of Contemporary and Classical Art. Refreshing the idea of what it means to be an artist.

Yupari Artist

Talented oil painter that has a strong focus on realistic portraits.

I aim to bring painting/drawing education to everyone through free instructional videos. Thank you for watching my videos. I wish you all the best in all of your artwork! Happy Painting!

Yong Chen

I am trying to create an informative yet relaxing learning community. More videos and materials created to answer my patrons’ concerns. I encourage everyone to learn with me, but my patrons are the ones helping me to continue doing what I do. Thank you all for your encouragement.

Marco Bucci

This is my channel where I share a variety of painting tutorials ranging from painting fundamentals to illustration demos and creative psychology insights. Thanks for checking it out!

Sinix Design

I watched him in his early days and his videos just keep getting better!

Hello everyone! This is my art channel which I started back in 2006. The first videos were rocky, but I strive to continually improve the content and quality of my videos. Aside from the normal tutorials and speedpaintings, I’m hoping to provide different unique videos that offer people other ways to indulge in their love for art and all things creative. Let’s all improve together!

Marc Brunet

High quality streams and digital art tutorials.

🎨 My Cubebrush store: https://cubebrush.co/mb 📷 Instagram: https://instagram.com/bluefley 👦 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/marcbrunet ✏ Twitter: https://twitter.com/bluefley

Excellent and thorough digital art videos that teach you the fundamentals and more very effectively. Great and comprehensive library of videos

Digital Painting: Simplified

Brushes and Bunnies

I am a Berlin-based artist (originally from Toronto, Canada). I work with mixed media; anything from watercolors, pencils, markers, oil and acrylic! I love it all. This channel is all about ART - time lapse videos, video tutorials, art challenges, product reviews and live art streams. I strongly believe in positive reinforcement in the art community and hope to inspire all of you to pursue your desire to draw and create.


Has a lot of very nice videos on drawing portraits digitally.


I really enjoy the high production quality and variation of topics on these videos.

FZD School of Design provides an education in entertainment design. Our courses cover a wide range of topics such as video games, feature films, theme parks, consumer products, toys, television commercials and set designs. FZD focuses heavily on the importance of fundamentals and scientific understandings. Our aim is to mold students into elite designers with a broad range of skills and graduate with top notch portfolio. To find out more about our training outline, please visit our official website www.fzdschool.com

Happy D. Artist

A talented oil painter with a variety of interesting videos.

I’m an oil painter/illustrator/cat romancer living in Seattle. I post my painting and illustration time lapses, tutorials, and various artist adventures for your enjoyment. :D For even more thorough tutorials, free prints, real time full length videos, live streams, and daily art works in progress, please check out my Patreon page! Thank you! :) http://www.patreon.com/happydartist

Alphonso Dunn

A traditional artist that has a lot of fundamentals videos and techniques

Hey everyone! I am Alphonso, I’m an artist and art instructor. My YouTube channel is dedicated to helping you deepen your understanding of the drawing process and helping you develop and refine your drawing, pen and ink, and watercolor painting skills and techniques. On my channel you will find lots of free and easy-to-follow videos and tutorials on a wide range of topics and subjects that provide invaluable tips, tricks, and techniques based on the basic principles and elements

Blender Guru

Blender tutorials and general artist advice

Will Terrell

Cartoonist, has a lot of interesting sketchbook tours!

My name is Will Terrell, I am a cartoonist, and I love my wife. FAQ video: https://youtu.be/WLE3N7mFJj8

[Kienan Lafferty]()

Anime inspired artist, suggested by our community for being a well-rounded teacher.

[Sara Tepes]()

Hi! I’m Sara, and I’m a freelance illustrator. I work with digital and traditional media and love to share my thoughts and tips for creating art.


Lovely watercolor tutorials especially!

Youtube as an alternative to art school

Hey there! So..I have always been very interested in art but never thought I’d pursue the art path so I know nothing about drawing and am a total beginner. Please do you have any idea where I should start? Like any schools that accepts total beginners cause I’m currently doing my O’levels and won’t have much time to practise myself for now though I know that’s what I should be doing.

Hi there!

I compiled all my best tips on how to start drawing as beginner in these two articles, targeted by medium. I hope you like them and that they help you:

There’s online, high quality video courses that are completely free. You can also try skillshare, if you use that link, you can try 2 months for free!

I do not really think art school is necessary to learn the fundamentals. It’s pretty expensive and many of my favorite artists have taught themselves, or perhaps have gone to a few workshops instead (much cheaper).

If you have the money, go for it! I just recommend reading into the subject first, though!

Art school is good for connections, but art marketing online is possible, thanks to social media and the internet.

Thanks for reading! I hope this helped!